Uma Silbey

Author of Award Winning books

Author of Award Winning books

Author of Award Winning booksAuthor of Award Winning booksAuthor of Award Winning books

About UMA



Known for introducing quartz crystals in the late seventies and eighties, having the first quartz crystal jewelry manufacturing company, and being the author of one of the first crystal books, the international best seller, The Complete Crystal Guidebook, Uma draws from years of spiritual and psychological training as well as her everyday life experiences of being a mother and wife, a business owner, recording artist, and writer. 

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Uma is a grammy nominated musician.  She has recorded and composed 18 albums for her own music label as well as Kitaro’s label, DOMO Records, joining the grammy award winning Kitaro on several musical compilations

 Her music can been found on Spotify, Amazon, Music Choice, Pandora, Sirus, Sound Cloud, Apple I-Tunes, and Domo Records.

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Uma now has her jewelry on-line! Check out See Uma's gemstone and crystal jewelry.

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