Artistic Creations for Happiness

Helpful tools are provided here for you... guided visualizations, stones, symbolic jewelry designs, and meditations that are specifically designed to help bring you balance, health, wholeness, inner peace, and expanded awareness. I offer them to you as they were offered to me so you can be as you truly are. It is my wish that you be happy, healthy, and live in the state of endless love.

Our worldly experience is created by our thoughts. What we pay attention to is what we experience. If we notice beauty, our world becomes beautiful. If we focus on ugliness, our world becomes ugly. If we think of ourselves as unhealthy, we actually become unhealthy. To change our thoughts, then, is to change our feelings and our experience of the world.

If we pay even deeper attention, we notice that there is nothing stable, that everything changes... our thoughts, our feelings, and even our bodies. We can try to make things last, to hold onto those feelings, thoughts, and experiences that seem to bring us happiness, yet frustratingly, even happiness seems to come and go. If everything changes, what is lasting and real? And why do we care? Because to experience the deeper, unchanging reality brings happiness, internal peace, and undying love that defies description.

Love is who we are... our essence... beyond words, beyond description, beyond the polarities of light and dark, beyond any limiting sense of "I" based on ever changing circumstances, thoughts, and feelings. Love is. We are. That is all that can be said about that which has no words. Even if our body drops away, we are endless and complete.

When we live in this realization, thankfulness becomes as natural as breathing. We become balanced, and healed on a deep level. Even if we experience hard times, or feel temporarily angry or sad, underneath that is a deep, wordless satisfaction. We exist beyond fear. Creativity becomes our natural expression.

Much can help us to experience this state of being. It helps to be balanced and grounded in our center so we can listen within and follow the guidance we hear. It helps to relax and breath. When we are truthfully searching, teachers in many forms will appear. Pay attention and don't give up.


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Fire Dragon Bracelet - 407-1, sterling silver

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